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Project Xebra is a collection of experimental soundscapes, bizarre percussion, and glitchy, gritty, cinematic sequences.  To boot, it's got some bread-and-butter synth patches, some experimental basses, a few mallet sounds, and some nature based soundscapes that are quite complimentary to the rest of the collection.  All in all, it contains 102 patches:

6 Animal soundscapes

12 Basses

12 Drums

4 Mallets

24 Sequences

32 Soundscapes

12 Synths

System Requirements:
A host/DAW capable of supporting VST, RTAS, or AU plugins.
Zebra 2.7.0 or higher.
System Recommendations:
A quad core 3.2 GHZ or higher.  The patches can be pretty taxing, as a fair warning.

Demo 1: Electric Shore


Demo 2: Some Strange Sea


Demo 3: Take Me Back


Demo 4: The Genesis Transit


Demo 5: Atonal Mechanistic Environment


Demo 6: Semi-Ominous Rainforest




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